"SWIG Hip Flask" by The Finest Cut

  • By Bhavesh Parmar
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"The Finest Cut" reviewed one of our Hip Flasks:

"Forget your whisky stones, nosing glasses, over-priced source water and all other manner of paraphernalia.  If you’re a whisky fan, the one whisky accessory that you need to have is a hip flask.  A hip flask – and its delicious contents – can make you extremely popular at a variety of functions, especially if you’ve filled it with something special.  It can also save your night, when all that’s behind the bar is an over-sized bottle of Bells.


I’ve a couple of hip flasks.  One I was given for my 21st birthday, which bizarrely, my mum doesn’t like me taking out of the house.  And the other is a cheap one from Talisker I picked up whilst working for Diageo, which has seen no end of crazy events.  However, as I reach that stage in life where weddings are becoming increasingly commonplace, a decent hip-flask is a must.  And a SWIG hip flash would seem to fit the bill nicely.


SWIG hip flasks really are a step-up from your bog-standard receptacle.  Each is made from mirrored and polished stainless steel, and more importantly, is certified lead free – removing any worries about poisoning yourself!  Each is made from one solid piece of steel, which means it has less chance of leaking than a hip flask was has been welded together.  Best of all, they look great!  The one I received came in a handsome Harris Tweed pouch, which came directly from the Outer Hebrides.  There are a number of other options available, including leather and ‘naked’ options.  All of the flasks are also beautifully presented in a gift box, making them the perfect present.


As well as the hip flask itself, owners are invited to become part of the SWIG Society, which features a variety of members perks, including an invitation to the annual party for SWIG Society members, monthly whisky refills and a free pouch to hold your flask in.  I’ve only recently signed up, so hopefully the perks will start rolling in soon.


So don’t be left short at your next fancy event.  Buy a SWIG hip flask, fill it with your favourite dram and you’ll finish the night with no end of friends."

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