PROOF- Why having 1194 '5 Star' reviews and only 13 '1 Star' Reviews can HAUNT YOU.

Last week I was talking to my Mum about my findings using Google Analytics. I couldn't believe people were bouncing off my page when SEEING my newly designed Review panel (installed on every product page). See the Classic Flask one below!


It was like nothing I had seen before. Was I just misinterpreting the data? I was so proud of my 1000+ 5 Star reviews. Not just for me, but for my team at SWIG. Generally all reviews were won from exceeding expectations in a variety of customer service and product delivery scenarios. Making good on unfortunate situations and helping out those in gifting need.


---------------------  The Turn

She didn't seem to understand my dismay. She told me I deserved it, because by clearing out/filtering the bad ones... I should expect people to be turned off.

HANG ON ONE SECOND. If my OWN MOTHER thinks I'm clearing the bad reviews... what must a random Googler think? God damn!

How the hell did I get SO MANY 5* reviews that people were bouncing BECAUSE of the reviews?? Not fair!


  --------------------- Reasoning

In my business, customer service is everything. To be fair, things don't always go right. But when it doesn't? I act humane and make it right. That is how I sit at a 4.8 Star Average.

So I've put together this blog. See below for IRON-CLAD PROOF that the reviews are totally legitimate!

EVIDENCE 1- SWIG Reviews are set to 'Auto Publish' anything with a 1 Star and above.

So every single review gets through without my decision (Yotpo my review management service doesn't seem to support 0 Star as of yet, so 1 Star is the lowest!)


EVIDENCE 2-  Nothing Rejected

The date you see below ranges back to when I first started collecting reviews (2014) and shows 'All' reviews selected. This is including those 'Pending, Moderated and Rejected'. You can also see my total of 'Rejected' reviews is 0 when filtered. EVERYTHING gets through! 



EVIDENCE 3 - Even the 'Profanity' flags are good reviews!

Yup. Because we all know 'Brass' and 'Cracker' are going to be profanity related on a website selling hip flasks. Nice one Yotpo!


So there you have it. I have literally got this blog up in the 1 hour after coming back from meeting my own mother. This cannot continue! A man should not be punished for his lack of 1 Star reviews!

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