SWIG Hip Flasks Artist Collaboration | Winning Society Number #04624

SWIG Hip Flasks Artist Collaboration | Winning Society Number #04624

To celebrate the addition of the Uni Posca Pen Package to our accessory range, I have teamed up with an amazing set of multinational artists, who over the next 2 weeks will showcase exactly to what extent a SWIG Flask can be personalised!
The Uni Posca Pen Package includes a set of eight coloured PC-5m paint marker pens. Perfect for doodling on our Executive Pouches.

Day 1: Justin Lawrie

A Scotsman, specialising in limited edition prints and sculptures. You can find more of his work on Instagram, or Facebook

Justin Lawrie SWIG Hip Flasks Artist Collaboration
If you like his work- Justin is open for commissions. Give him a shout on the links above.

Alternatively if you know of a fine artist (or are one yourself) and want to get involved... Pickup our Pen Package to customise your SWIG Executive Hip Flask.

You can learn more about upcoming artists here :D
Justin Lawrie Artist Collaboration SWIG Hip Flasks

WINNING SWIG Society Number:  #04624

Do you own SWIG #04624?

If you do (or know someone who does)
I'll send a bottle of Bruichladdich, Botanist or Konik's Tail Vodka
If you have given a SWIG as a gift, don't forget to forward this on to the new owner :D 

PS- Are you #05023 or #10298? May have a pouch for you...
Email me to claim your prize.

#02175 - Nick 

Featured outside in sunny Scotland, with his SWIG #02175, and looking forward to adventuring to Loch Ness in July. Keep an eye out in our SWIG Society Moments for more adventures.

He chose Bruichladdich as the prize. Having just been back from the distillery (and staying on Octomore Farm with James Brown) I thought it would be a sin to send him the Laddie. So my buddy Tex #09990 got him hooked up with the 10 Year Port Charlotte. Oh YES. Great decisions and thanks Tex :D Also 2 numbers went unclaimed last week...
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