SWIG® Capped Gift Set

Color: Executive Moulded Purple
Classic Capped Flask
Harris Tweed Brown
Harris Tweed Red
Harris Tweed Black
Executive Moulded Black
Executive Moulded Brown
Executive Moulded Red
Executive Moulded Blue
Executive Moulded Orange
Executive Moulded Purple
Executive Moulded Union Jack
Executive Moulded Stars n Stripes
Executive Moulded Pink
Magnetic Executive Blue
Scottish Heritage

Symbolic of the simplicity and quality that defines SWIG, this hip flask is our original 170ml (6oz) flask with a specially attached cap (all previously bought pouches will fit this flask).

The body is seamless and made from one piece of stainless steel - so there is absolutely no risk of leakage. In keeping with its ergonomic design, the base of the flask is flat, so it can be stood up straight for easy filling. 

David on the ‘SWIG Gift Set for One'
"My goal with the SWIG Gift Set is never to disappoint both the purchaser and the recipient. Sometimes they are the same person which is even more important!
Fortunately I have never received a return for one of these as they really do look spectacular."

David Says - "Below are 100% Real Reviews! We are 4.8* Average for a reason...