Hip Flask types and what occasions we use them for

There are as many flask types as there are people. Swig aims to make your flask personalised to make sure that you have the right flask for the right occasion.

Help us hunt all flask types?

We are aiming to create a list of all flasks that there are. These are all the ones that we could think of. Do let us know if we have missed some!



Quality Flask



Unique Hip flask

Rowing Flask

Harris Tweed Hip Flasks

Good Quality Hip flask

Tweed flasks

Engraved gifts

Gin Flask

Gin Hip Flask

Hunting Flask

Big Hip flask

The Best Flask

Tweed Hip flask

Modern Hip Flask

Hip flasks


Funky hip flask

Pocket Hip Flask

Plastic Flask

Engraved Leather flasks

Best Whiskey Flask

Fishing Hip flask

Metal Hip Flask

Good Quality Flask

Best Liquor for Flask

Monogram Flasks

Quality flasks

Best Quality Flask

Novelty Hip flask

High Quality Flasks

Flask Gift Sets

Monogramed flasks

Rugby Flask

Flask Gifts

Flask for Liquor

Coolest flask

Travel Flasks

Large Flask

Metal Flasks

Flask sets

Large Flasks

Good Flask

Harris Tweed Flasks

Engraved Leather Flask

Engraved Flask Set

Custom Engraved Flask

Unique Flask

Flask Set

Small Flask

Personalized Flask Set

Engravable Flask

Best Flasks

Irish Flask

Cute Flasks

Monogram Flask

Leather Flasks for Men

Cute Flask

Unique flasks

Steel Hip flask

Stainless Flask

Pretty Hip flask

Designer Flask

Metal Flask

Best Flask

Mens Flasks

Silver Flask

Custom Flasks

Custom Leather Flask

Coolest Flasks

Monogrammed Flasks

Monogrammed Flask

Hip Flask in Leicester

Liquor Flask

Travel Flask


Flasks for Groomsmen

Wedding Flasks

Flask for Groomsmen

Flask Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Flask Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts Flask