SWIG® Hip Flasks 1916 Antique Silver Hip Flask


A fantastic 1916 George V antique glass hip flask by James Ramsay, more specifically his son, Arthur James Ramsay. In amazing condition for its age, it has leather shoulders and a silver mushroom bayonet cap. Complete with original gilded detachable cup.

Measuring approximately 13.5cm high and 8cm wide, it is sure to carry you through a cold winters day. 

Who is James Ramsay?

James Ramsay of Dundee was a Goldsmith specialising in watches, jewellery and all things silver. His business was subsequently passed to his son Arthur James Ramsay around the turn of the century.

Why an Antique Flask?

At SWIG we have a philosophy of passing down our flasks for generations to come. What is more special than having something that has already seen the adventures for centuries before us? An Antique hip flask has already proven itself to withstand the test of time, share adventures, and be cherished for years to come. 

Why a Silver Hip Flask?

Before the era of stainless steel, the best hip flasks were made with silver. Why? Because silver doesn't react with the alcohol like other metals such as pewter.  Therefore we are offering only glass or silver hip flasks to ensure we are leaving your spirits taint free. Hallmarked silver and branded with the makers mark and date.

Will it still be leak proof and usable?

All the flasks we have on offer are usable; we don't want these to be stuck in a glass cabinet or even worse - "the man drawer". The flask will be throughly cleaned, checked for leaks, and any mild restoration such as replacing the cork completed before being sent to their lucky owner.

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