SWIG® Hip Flasks Beautiful Sterling Silver and Glass Antique Hip Flask


An amazingly beautiful Antique Hip Flask with intricate engraving which dates from the first part of the 20th century.  It comes with a solid sterling silver removable cup which has a gold plated interior bearing the Alvin mark. 

The flask is approx. 9oz which is around twice the capacity of a SWIG flask - ideal for sharing with someone special. The flask stands at 16.5cm, 9.5cm wide and 3.8cm which has a nice solid feel in your coat pocket. 

The hinge of the Sterling Silver Bayonet Lid (with original cork) is marked 'Sterling' and in perfect working order. The lid does have small dents but only adds to the history of this once loved, awesome flask. 

For a flask this age it is in very good condition with perfect glass; no cracks or chips.  The base is also in good condition, with only minor small dents near the bottom of the cup and light scratches to the silver as to be expected from a piece of this age.

Who is Alvin Silver Manufacturing Company?

Founded in 1886 the company was considered a late player in the silversmith industry in the United States. Originally based in New Jersey it moved in 1895 to set up in New York. They then continued to forge the way; manufacturing what was considered unique products in the period; flat ware (spoons), beauty ware (vanity set), and hollow ware (tea pots).

Why an Antique Flask?

At SWIG we have a philosophy of passing down our flasks for generations to come. What is more special than having something that has already seen the adventures for centuries before us? An Antique hip flask has already proven itself to withstand the test of time, share adventures, and be cherished for years to come. 

Why a Glass Hip Flask?

Before the era of stainless steel, the best hip flasks were made with glass or silver. Why? Because glass doesn't react with the alcohol like other metals such as pewter.  Therefore we are offering only glass or silver hip flasks to ensure we are leaving your spirits taint free. Hallmarked silver and branded with the makers mark and date.

Will it still be leak proof and usable?

All the flasks we have on offer are usable; we don't want these to be stuck in a glass cabinet or even worse - "the man drawer". The flask will be throughly cleaned, checked for leaks, and any mild restoration such as replacing the cork completed before being sent to their lucky owner.





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