SWIG Hip Flasks - History write up!

  • By David Galbraith
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History of the hip flask

The hip flask has a long history, being used even by members of the gentry. Its use has a long history that goes back to the Middle Ages. During the centuries it was really popular, and even nowadays it kept its popularity. However, there are some locations where it is banned to use an alcohol flask in public.

Since their popularity is so high, there are many companies that make hip flasks. However, SWIG has made a powerful brand from this amazing hip flask and each product is branded, differentiating thus from the rest of the producers.

What is a hip flask? It is nothing else than a thin flask that contains alcohol and that fits into your pocket, i.e. an alcohol flask.

What is a hip flask for SWIG? It is definitely something more, since each one of the hip flasks are manufactured with care and dedication. Juts looking at a SWIG hip flask and you will see that it was made with passion.

What is new about SWIG hip flask? Each SWIG hip flask contains a unique ID that represents your SWIG society membership ID, and the membership ranking is based according to the lowest numbers.

Each SWIG hip flask comes with a detachable leather pouch that is made with different colors (you can find any color you wish, from black to purple, and from blue to red). Every hip flask is made from mirrored and polished stainless steel. The logo of the company is both engraved on the hip flask and embossed on the pouch. These SWIG flasks are very elegant, and in order to keep it this way, each pouch has a very simple design. However, the pouches that are made under limited edition have different interesting designs. When ordering a SWIG hip flask, you can personalize it. All you have to do is add a link to your basket and say exactly what you want. All the models are hand drawn with extra care.

Those who are thinking of making a present and don’t have any ideas should consider hip flasks, since the pouches can be personally embossed. SWIG has thought about this, and knowing that men love hip flasks, it decided to send all the hip flasks with a branded SWIG package. Make a perfect gift choosing an amazing hip flask. It will be genuinely appreciated.

Once you buy a SWIG hip flask, you can also order more pouches, and additionally, you can purchase a stainless funnel that will avoid overflow due to the air pressure. This is also made by stainless steel.

Even if SWIG is relatively new on the market, it made a strong brand that will be remembered. It combined the traditional hip flask with an innovative pouch, and the result is simply amazing. Those who wish to make an elegant and sophisticated present to someone dear, should go and check out all the SWIG flasks and their unique pouches that can be personally embossed. 

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