Behind closed doors at the Newtownards Road Belfast

SWIG Hip Flasks Drumbo Race Track

This week has been a tough one, but not in the conventional way - there just appears to be a lot trying to get through the door all at once. Both work and home, might need to dig out a time turner and do the week over a few times (don't worry there are no Cursed Child spoilers here).

Anyway, I digress! What's been happening behind closed doors at Newtownards Road? Well, I've been flat out fulfilling wedding orders, chatting to USA customers about makes them tick and doing some investigative work on a new product (everyone say ooooooo) - more on that one in a couple of weeks.

Update: I'm 13% through my 25% USA milestone set with the Propel Programme through Invest NI so it's looking positive, but I'm not one to rest on my laurels. Loads more to do, some of the feedback has been awesome and completely correct :D (hint: free shipping worldwide for orders over £100)

SWIG visits Drumbo Park

With all that work there had to be some sort of play, so Nicole took me on a mystery tour which ended up at a Drumbo Park to watch the greyhounds. What a good night, and a random punt in the 6th race made it even better :D (she might talk me into getting a dog yet...although our cat mightn't be as impressed).

That's about it for now, I'm away off for a SWIG and a lie down (phew).



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