SWIG Hip Flask #00000 goes to London

It's been about a month now since I was over in London, SWIG hip flask in hand and looking an adventure. Not going to lie, the itinerary was full with customer meets, gin distillery visits, and a cheeky Offspring concert at the Apollo in Hammersmith thrown in for good measure.

Now that I'm based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I have to travel EVERYWHERE by air... which is fine, there's too many positives of living here to make me complain (too much). But man that 6am departure flight nearly killed my comrades for the trip and I. (Yes you can get a SWIG hip flask through airport security... just not full... that's what duty free is for)

First stop of the day after landing and catching the Gatwick Express was pancakes at the Breakfast Club (by this stage it felt like 2pm in the afternoon). Check them out below - warning if you're hungry cover your eyes and skip to the next part.

Stomach full and slightly more awake I got checked into the hotel, and with my SWIG hip flask filled I went off to meet Stan (#08877). If you haven't heard about Stan before now, you have to read more about him here - what a legend.

Next stop was 58 Gin, now these guys have got some set up! It was absolutely fantastic hearing from Mark how 58 Gin was born -what can I say, I'm a Gin man now, find out more here

After hearing about what goes in the perfect hip flask, and a little worse for wear (would've been rude not to sample some gin right?) I was dying to find some more inspiration for SWIG... so what does any normal tourist in London do? That's right, off to Harrods I went (momentarily distracted by cakes, technology, and clothes along the way) I found the "hip flask selection". Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, but 2 hip flasks in all of Harrods was all that was on offer. Perhaps I should be contacting Mr Harrod about SWIG?!

And so, exhausted after a couple of days I ventured back home, hip flask in hand. If you have any SWIG adventures you want to share, drop me an email to david.galbraith@swigflasks.com.



PS: Take a look at the 58 Gin flask I sent over a couple of weeks ago - man that engraving is something else.