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Xmas SWIG® Swap 2017 *Enter Now*

Like the look of my SWIGs? Think you'd love to get one as a prezzie for someone? Eyeing your bank balance nervously? Hiding from your bank balance in abject terror?

So, until Saturday 25th November, I have three SWIG Gift Sets to sell - not for money, but for swapsies.

It's your chance to ease up the Xmas spending, spend more on whisky, and have a bit of fun. 


1. Email me at and tell me what you'd like offer.... 

  • It can be: Skills/Items/Advice/Services
  • It can't be: Custody offers of family members.  

2. I'll pick my 3 favourite offers (over a nice SWIG of Bushmills). 

3. We'll seal the deal by Saturday 25th November and you get any gift set of your choice in return.

SWIG SWAP 2016...

I made THIS video last year. It was an awesome response. I got over 50 offers (see some below)...It was a difficult choice, but I was only able to take up 3.

  • Steven Robbins who runs Fiddle Foundry offered me the pick of his store, but when I saw the Copper Hammered top Spinning top I knew it was the one. It has spun many a time across my table over the past year.

  • Fred Huergo got in touch about his awesome 3D rendering skills (more of which can be viewed here). It wasn't just that his work was so good, but when he told me about his two friends reuniting in London over Christmas, I was sold! You can see his work HERE.


  • Andrew Mills knew the way to my heart; "I have been infusing and maturing my first batch of blackberry whisky, the process started April 2015 and will reach optimum swigging maturity in time for ChristmasDisclaimer: there is no picture because I drank it all before I could snap one...what can I say it was Christmas!

Last years runners up:

  • Nick Shack; A years supply of 'SWIG' bespoke stickers. He designed them from scratch and I've been including them in every order. Also put them all over the workshop :D
  • Lizzie Ecrichley;  Homemade Amaretti Biscuits and 3D dinosaur Gingerbread biscuits. These were RIDICULOUS. There was so many of them and even included a SWIG Flask made of Gingerbread. A* for effort.
  • Annette Covey;  Handmade bracelet from wood gathered from the Forest floors of Wiltshire. Loved how much care and attention went into this one.

Also a shoutout to Gray Mears.. He offered a tour around the Emergency Operations Centre in London. I was super tempted but didn't find a time to get over to London! Also Darren Thompson who was offering out a full marketing consultation service via Skype. I was so damn busy with Christmas that I didn't have time to change up my strat. But super interesting regardless!

Now that the creative juices have been stimulated, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now with your offer, as you can see there is no limit to the skills that have been rewarded!

Deadline is 25th November 2017.

Good Luck. 

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SWIG Hip Flask- Latest Christmas Order Dates!

I’m dreaming of a SWIG Christmas… yes I know I can hear you from here “its only November…Halloween was only yesterday" etc etc...

But, it is only 42 days until the big man in the red suit pops down the chimney, and if you’re anything like me it seems like a million miles away. But I am assured by our SWIG team that before I know it, Christmas will soon be upon us (and am I quite sure I don’t want to start ordering presents).

So this is a thumbs up to you guys that are thinking… "aye right its still at least a month away", I got your back.

Check out our postage options below:

20th December - Last orders for 2nd Class Postage

21st December – Last orders for 1st Class Postage (48 hours)

22nd December – Special Delivery Guaranteed (24 hours)

23rd December – Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed (next day)

24th December – Pre arranged with myself (collection only)

But if you're on the other side of the fence and are getting your ducks in a row, you'll be pleased to hear we've been getting orders since August...yes August you did read that right. So you are not alone - it's never too early to order a SWIG Flask.


David (#00000) 

PS if you’re based in Northern Ireland I can get you a SWIG flask on 24th December even if it means donning the red suit and picking up the black sack and delivering it to you myself.

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Culture Night -Belfast

On the 16th September Culture Night dawned and I decided to "be cultured" and see if it was all it was cracked up to be. It had a festival vibe with lots of people about that would not normally be there...loitering... and of course a heaving amount of craic. I had just got my hands on my Limited Edition Capped Flask and couldn't wait to take it out on it's first adventure, and what an occasion for its maiden voyage.

One of my mates known as 'Turtle' (right) was feasting on the free Veda bread, but nothing matched up to the bacon on top, or the free cheese in the Tesco tent.

Now you might be wondering what on earth Culture Night is, but basically it's a free for all for businesses to show case local produce, entertainers to entertain and a wee night out for the locals. Check out this guy, he was cracker -nothing wrong with belting out The Gambler and donning a pair of cowboy boots.

A quick pitstop to refill the Capped Flask with some Absinthe, designated driver short straw was drawn by Nicole... So it was in fact her steady hand that rescued us that night (there was a funnel knocking about but unsure where that went along the way). 

A quick sweep and browse around the food tent ensured we didn't have to stop off at a rammed restaurant. And finally a wee sit down on the straw bales (do not ever call these hay bales when there's a horsey woman around you will get corrected) to watch the line dancing saw the end to an awesome evening. 

If you're ever in Belfast do stop by to see the sights, apparently there's a whole lotta culture here to be soaked up.

David (#00000)

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You decided: the Top 3 most popular SWIG Pouches

G'day... I've been up since 6am debating which pouch I should snuggle my Limited Edition Capped Flask into today (what it's getting cold outside- I do live in Belfast remember).

Now that you've stopped the judging and I have my EDI in check (Every Day Items... I learn something new every day from my USA customers). I thought why not learn some more and check in to see what the most popular pouches are - go on give it a guess before taking a look below :D

To add drama I've decided to go in reverse order...

In 3rd PositionThe Scottish Heritage

Can't say fairer than that, our awesome heritage pouch maker is based out in the sticks of the Scottish hills. Every one is hand crafted, using British leather which means each pouch is unique. Can't go wrong with having some Scottish whisky to pair it with eh :D

Scottish Heritage

In 2nd PositionThe Harris Tweed Brown

The traditional Harris Tweed is sourced from our supplier in the Isle of Skye, known for keeping the hands warm (and the insides even warmer) the Harris Tweed Brown is a great choice for taking a hike in the hills.

Harris Tweed Brown

And the greatly anticipated 1st Position is:

The Harris Tweed Black

Wahey, sourced from the same supplier as the Harris Tweed Brown, the Harris Tweed Black is more versatile (I don't feel like I need to get the wellies on and buy a land rover... although I am sure there will be a point in my life where this is essential) and can be brought to any occasion without drawing too much attention.

Harris Tweed Black

I know you've been dying to find out which I decided on today... well who can argue with you lot. The Harris Tweed black it is.

David (#00000)

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There's purple in my pocket

In the Christmas of 2013 (When I was generally offline and down to my last pennies) I met a gentleman at the 'Spirit of Christmas' Fair at Kensington.  He wanted purple. 

He was after a SWIG, but it had to be purple. No problem! I had a couple of shades in stock (my old summer range was REALLY varied with whatever was available from my leatherworker that week). I set about packaging up one of my light purples in a SWIG numbered well below 500!

He urgently advised me to not do something as ridiculous... as he would only accept a very specific shade. An almost violet purple. One we only had left in our lovely glass cabinet.

I shoo'ed him off. Hinting that I may help him if he comes back in 4 days at the end of the exhibition when I wouldn't need my beautiful display anymore.

I think I saw a tear form, but he maintained his dignity and wished me farewell.

4 days later, guess who returns? He proudly showed me his phone to backup his eagerness... It was one image of him in a full set of Purple Shooting Gear! The exact same shade of purple. Everything- the hat, coat, gloves and shoes... It looked so damn good. and he was so damn proud!

So in honour of this gentleman, I have commissioned the exact same shade for a trial run of 35. Get 'em while they are hot and enjoy. (PS it is 33 now as me and Nicole refuse to share).

Let me know what you think!



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Last day of SWIG USA launch

Hey guys, you might have heard that I got in touch with some of my USA customers about the launching of SWIG in USA.

Well it's now the last day of the launch and I am oh-so very close to hitting my milestone. I can tell you now, I'll not be so keen to set such an ambitious one again!

I'm sure you're curious about some of the stats, so you can take a nosey at some of the ones below:

-72% of our USA orders went to East Coast. Those New Yorkers certainly know how to SWIG. (NB: West Coast swiggers... it is not too late to represent!)
-We got nearly 25 of our pre-orders for the capped flasks from USA alone. 
-60% of our customers wanted to order a SWIG hip flask for themselves because they'd already gifted one before.
-For my initial milestone (25% of our SWIG's going to USA by 1st September), I'm currently only 7 SWIG hip flasks away from success!

If you are on the fence, or are thinking about flasks for the future- just give me a shout at

It was truly overwhelming to receive the feedback responses and ideas. My meeting with the Propel programme is on Monday next week to show off the results and convince them that SWIG has got potential in USA. I'll let you know how it goes!


PS- If you know of anyone with a wedding coming up or know where a SWIG might be a good gift. Please do refer our flasks on. I'll owe you a wee whisky for sure.
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Behind closed doors at the Newtownards Road Belfast

This week has been a tough one, but not in the conventional way - there just appears to be a lot trying to get through the door all at once. Both work and home, might need to dig out a time turner and do the week over a few times (don't worry there are no Cursed Child spoilers here).

Anyway, I digress! What's been happening behind closed doors at Newtownards Road? Well, I've been flat out fulfilling wedding orders, chatting to USA customers about makes them tick and doing some investigative work on a new product (everyone say ooooooo) - more on that one in a couple of weeks.

Update: I'm 13% through my 25% USA milestone set with the Propel Programme through Invest NI so it's looking positive, but I'm not one to rest on my laurels. Loads more to do, some of the feedback has been awesome and completely correct :D (hint: free shipping worldwide for orders over £100)

With all that work there had to be some sort of play, so Nicole took me on a mystery tour which ended up at a Drumbo Park to watch the greyhounds. What a good night, and a random punt in the 6th race made it even better :D (she might talk me into getting a dog yet...although our cat mightn't be as impressed).

That's about it for now, I'm away off for a SWIG and a lie down (phew).



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SWIG Hip Flask #00000 goes to London

It's been about a month now since I was over in London, SWIG hip flask in hand and looking an adventure. Not going to lie, the itinerary was full with customer meets, gin distillery visits, and a cheeky Offspring concert at the Apollo in Hammersmith thrown in for good measure.

Now that I'm based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I have to travel EVERYWHERE by air... which is fine, there's too many positives of living here to make me complain (too much). But man that 6am departure flight nearly killed my comrades for the trip and I. (Yes you can get a SWIG hip flask through airport security... just not full... that's what duty free is for)

First stop of the day after landing and catching the Gatwick Express was pancakes at the Breakfast Club (by this stage it felt like 2pm in the afternoon). Check them out below - warning if you're hungry cover your eyes and skip to the next part.

Stomach full and slightly more awake I got checked into the hotel, and with my SWIG hip flask filled I went off to meet Stan (#08877). If you haven't heard about Stan before now, you have to read more about him here - what a legend.

Next stop was 58 Gin, now these guys have got some set up! It was absolutely fantastic hearing from Mark how 58 Gin was born -what can I say, I'm a Gin man now, find out more here

After hearing about what goes in the perfect hip flask, and a little worse for wear (would've been rude not to sample some gin right?) I was dying to find some more inspiration for SWIG... so what does any normal tourist in London do? That's right, off to Harrods I went (momentarily distracted by cakes, technology, and clothes along the way) I found the "hip flask selection". Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, but 2 hip flasks in all of Harrods was all that was on offer. Perhaps I should be contacting Mr Harrod about SWIG?!

And so, exhausted after a couple of days I ventured back home, hip flask in hand. If you have any SWIG adventures you want to share, drop me an email to



PS: Take a look at the 58 Gin flask I sent over a couple of weeks ago - man that engraving is something else.

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SWIG Hip Flask USA Launch

**I'm giving all USA orders in August free shipping. Usually costs about  $15! Buy all you can now friends :) Just go to checkout and choose the free shipping option**

Great news! SWIG was accepted onto the Propel Programme. It's a Northern Irish Government funded program.. you can read about HERE! (Eye-Spy David of SWIG in the picture :D) . We're a few months into it now and it's helping SWIG propel itself into a truly worldwide brand.
There are some awesome funding opportunities- but I've got to hit a variety of milestones to be eligible. The biggest (and hairiest) of the targets is to send 25% of my hip flasks to USA in August.

Now, I only had myself to blame as i set the milestone (DOH), but rather than cry and miss it- I thought I ought to plead with my USA customers for some help. So I sent the e-mail below to a select group of my best American Swiggers... Did I miss anything!?

- How did you come across us?
- What occasion were you buying a SWIG for?
- Have your friends/family got a hip flask?
- Have you bought an accessory such as a pouch or funnel after your first order?
- Are hip flasks popular in your state? Did your one go down OK?
- What should I be doing differently? Did everything go OK with your order?
- Would free USA shipping help convince you to order again?
- How can I make SWIG more USA FRIENDLY?
I also asked them if they had any suggestions of which state to visit on our launch... Also for when me and Nicole (my fiance) are to drive down the east coast on honeymoon next year!
So If you are reading this and I didn't get in touch.. Give me a shout at 
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SWIG Stories - SWIG Hip Flask Climbs Helvellyn

I was so stoked to hear from SWIGs #00854 and #02548 a couple of weeks ago. 

Now that we are at the height of summer, I just had to share this with you guys. Neil did say the Jack Daniels and Bushmills kept them warm on their journey :D

Have you and your SWIG Hip Flask been somewhere awesome? Care to share? Email me at:



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