How to look after your SWIG hip flask

SWIG Hip Flasks How to look after your SWIG

SO, you've just got your hands on your awesome SWIG hip flask, and the gift wrapping is strewn across the floor. The next thought is what am I going to out in here? Where am I going to show it off tonight? What pouch will I use first?

It's not, "how am I going to look after my flask", but believe me when the morning after the night before dawns and you locate; phone, keys, wallet, flask (phew), you will be thinking how am I going to clean this? 

So I've devised a few simple steps to follow to make sure you have years of fun with your SWIG and of course years for future generations to enjoy...

The Rules

1) Rinse the inside of the SWIG hip flask with clean water before filing

2) Always empty you SWIG hip flask after use and rinse it out before refilling

3) Avoid storing spirits in your SWIG hip flask for over 3 days

4) Avoid drinks with an acid content (such as fruit juice or cordial) 

SWIG Instruction Notes

Cleaning Instructions

For cleaning your SWIG hip flask, some of these products will help you out...White vinegar (unscented) OR bicarbonate of soda to clean the flask (mix with hot water for the soda) and use rice (without water) to scour the inside/sides.

SWIG Cleaning Products

Until next time, happy SWIG-ing.




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