Last day of SWIG Hip Flasks USA launch

SWIG Hip Flasks USA engraving

Hey guys, you might have heard that I got in touch with some of my USA customers about the launching of SWIG in USA.

Well it's now the last day of the launch and I am oh-so very close to hitting my milestone. I can tell you now, I'll not be so keen to set such an ambitious one again!

I'm sure you're curious about some of the stats, so you can take a nosey at some of the ones below:

-72% of our USA orders went to East Coast. Those New Yorkers certainly know how to SWIG. (NB: West Coast swiggers... it is not too late to represent!)
-We got nearly 25 of our pre-orders for the capped flasks from USA alone. 
-60% of our customers wanted to order a SWIG hip flask for themselves because they'd already gifted one before.
-For my initial milestone (25% of our SWIG's going to USA by 1st September), I'm currently only 7 SWIG hip flasks away from success!

If you are on the fence, or are thinking about flasks for the future- just give me a shout at

It was truly overwhelming to receive the feedback responses and ideas. My meeting with the Propel programme is on Monday next week to show off the results and convince them that SWIG has got potential in USA. I'll let you know how it goes!


PS- If you know of anyone with a wedding coming up or know where a SWIG might be a good gift. Please do refer our flasks on. I'll owe you a wee whisky for sure.
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