Nolan, not bad! (BBC NI, Made in NI)

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SWIG Hip Flasks Made in Northern Ireland

Alright? Hope yer' well. Looks like the Nolan-SWIGSPOT went out to BBC NI tonight!

Despite my mum being absolutely mortified, I was havin' a great time. (She was also mortified at my wee sister who put no bother acting into the show!)

The profile came thanks to Invest NI's Propel Program (Shoutout to Diane R) and was all filmed in a day over at Portview Trade Centre. Nolan was great craic and put up with all the rakers beepin' at his as they drove past (and the ones stoppin' for selfies).

Anyway. Cheers for checking in. I know we're a bit of a secret to Northern Ireland (hiding away on the Newtownards Road), so here are 5 reasons you might like to get to know SWIG...

>I do all my own engraving. So if your and need an amazin' gift- I can hook you up same day (or next if you can't get to Belfast).
>I ship my Naked Flask to over 40 countries... but I'm gutted to only get the occasional wedding order from over here.
>They come gift wrapped so theres no need to run out to Clintons.
>SWIG Wedding Hip Flasks are damn solid.
>I'll usually run a discount for anyone in NI who calls for a Natter (020 3239 5864)

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