SWIG Hip Flask Engravings... The Best, Questionable & Outrageous!

SWIG Hip Flasks engraving weddings birthdays

Now… here at SWIG HQ, I get emails on a regular basis asking for inspiration for personalised hip flask engraving. So I thought it would be a good shout to give you the low down on my best, questionable and downright outrageous hip flask engravings.

The Birthdays…

The advice I usually give is: Name, occasion (i.e. 18th) and a quote… but sometimes its best for you to take on the challenge yourselves as you can see from some of these cracking ones below!


"Happy 18th John, love you always dude,


"Happy 30th John! For emergencies ..."


"Happy 30th Birthday John
"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"


"Happy 50th John - sip, sip, hooray!"


"To our pal J.J, on turning half a ton
You once lost a final with a hole in one!!
We won’t let you forget it, now you’re getting old
You will think of us with every sip when you’re feeling cold
Lots of Love John & Jane xxx"


Wedding SWIG…

Lots of couples come to me to buy hip flasks for the wedding party, and believe me what happens on the stag doesn’t always stay on the stag but rather engraved on the SWIG flask forever! Luckily a wee pouch can cover that quote up, but not that tattoo on the behind, so I thought I would share some of the more traditional ones below…


"John - To the Big brother I never had.
Thanks for sharing and witnessing my best and worst moments!
Joe 01/01/16"


"To my husband to be on our wedding day
Dinnae fash yersel...
Love you always,
Jane x"


"Carlsberg don't do Best Men, But if they did....
John - Best Man
2nd January 2015"



It takes quite a bit to bring a tear to the eye at HQ, but there were a few blubbering grown men over these ones.


Are you going to kiss me or not


<<On Front>>
"If you're reading this right now then there is no telling what you've survived up to this point in your life. You've experienced trauma, love, loss, heartbreak, devastation, pain, misery, and suffering. But despite all of that, you have had the strength and fortitude to keep going. And here you are, still standing. Guess what, motherfucker. You're awesome. Don't ever forget it.
We stand alone together."


<<On Back>>
"Never above you never below you always beside you"


"John You believed in me when no one else did. Thank you. Jane x"


"For my lion..
because, rawr.
forever and always xXx"


"Shaken not stirred" For my real life James Bond 28.7.15"


Finally, the 'You said what' category…

(yup even I can’t come up with some of these!)


"Whisky is Risky but it makes the girls Frisky"
"The 3 Twats in 'Ats! John & Joe 15th August 2015"


"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on - Dean Martin"

"May the frost never afflict your spuds.
May your cabbage always be free from worms.
May the crow never pick your haystack,
and may your donkey always been in foal."


Think you’ve received one that’s even better than these? Share with me and if I'm suitably impressed I'll send you my favourite medicine to put in your flask. SWIG out.

Note: some names/places/dates have been changed to protect identities!!

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