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Harris Tweed SWIG Flask Firefighter Twins

Happy New Year Guys!
I have a heart warming story to share this morning, one I had to keep under my hat for a wee while until the gift was distributed. But settle in, this one will have you tingling more than a Bushmills Whisky.
Not long before Christmas I was contacted by a customer from the USA who ordered a Harris Tweed Black Hip Flask for his Firefighter buddy. 
"I would like to purchase a Swig Harris Tweed Black Flask for a buddy of mine who is retiring as a fire fighter here in the states. And then I got your email about the US give away. ( I was 18 by the way) and it got me thinking. I want to keep the karma going. So I want to buy my friend a flask and I want to buy one for you to give away to a fire fighter in the UK. keep the numbers one apart if possible. What do you think?"
What a legend eh? So the search began, and nominations were from all across the UK, but I finally settled on Stevie, who was nominated by Andrew McBay.

"I would like to nominate Firefighter Stevie Hawkwood for the flask as he has recently passed his fire training for Kent Fire & Rescue Service and is also an Afghanistan veteran".

The Harris Tweed SWIG Hip Flask has since zoomed its way to Stevie in the UK and his partner in crime David in the USA. It's so awesome to think the SWIG Society is growing worldwide, but even better knowing they're bringing wee anecdotes like this back to brighten my day.

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Xmas SWIG® Swap 2017 *Enter Now*

Like the look of my SWIGs? Think you'd love to get one as a prezzie for someone? Eyeing your bank balance nervously? Hiding from your bank balance in abject terror?

So, until Saturday 25th November, I have three SWIG Gift Sets to sell - not for money, but for swapsies.

It's your chance to ease up the Xmas spending, spend more on whisky, and have a bit of fun. 


1. Email me at and tell me what you'd like offer.... 

  • It can be: Skills/Items/Advice/Services
  • It can't be: Custody offers of family members.  

2. I'll pick my 3 favourite offers (over a nice SWIG of Bushmills). 

3. We'll seal the deal by Saturday 25th November and you get any gift set of your choice in return.

SWIG SWAP 2016...

I made THIS video last year. It was an awesome response. I got over 50 offers (see some below)...It was a difficult choice, but I was only able to take up 3.

  • Steven Robbins who runs Fiddle Foundry offered me the pick of his store, but when I saw the Copper Hammered top Spinning top I knew it was the one. It has spun many a time across my table over the past year.

Fiddle Foundry SWIG Swap

  • Fred Huergo got in touch about his awesome 3D rendering skills (more of which can be viewed here). It wasn't just that his work was so good, but when he told me about his two friends reuniting in London over Christmas, I was sold! You can see his work HERE.
    Fred SWIG SWAP         Fred SWIG Swap 2

                FRED SWIG SWAP 3                            Fred SWIG Swap 4

  • Andrew Mills knew the way to my heart; "I have been infusing and maturing my first batch of blackberry whisky, the process started April 2015 and will reach optimum swigging maturity in time for ChristmasDisclaimer: there is no picture because I drank it all before I could snap one...what can I say it was Christmas!

Last years runners up:

  • Nick Shack; A years supply of 'SWIG' bespoke stickers. He designed them from scratch and I've been including them in every order. Also put them all over the workshop :D
  • Lizzie Ecrichley;  Homemade Amaretti Biscuits and 3D dinosaur Gingerbread biscuits. These were RIDICULOUS. There was so many of them and even included a SWIG Flask made of Gingerbread. A* for effort.
  • Annette Covey;  Handmade bracelet from wood gathered from the Forest floors of Wiltshire. Loved how much care and attention went into this one.

Also a shoutout to Gray Mears.. He offered a tour around the Emergency Operations Centre in London. I was super tempted but didn't find a time to get over to London! Also Darren Thompson who was offering out a full marketing consultation service via Skype. I was so damn busy with Christmas that I didn't have time to change up my strat. But super interesting regardless!

Dinosaur Cookies SWIG SWAP
Now that the creative juices have been stimulated, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now with your offer, as you can see there is no limit to the skills that have been rewarded!

Deadline is 25th November 2017.

Good Luck. 

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SWIG Hip Flasks presents: SWIG Swap 2016

Like the look of my SWIGs? Think you'd love to get one as a prezzie for someone? Eyeing your bank balance nervously? Hiding from your bank balance in abject terror?

So, for one week only, until Wednesday 23rd November, I have three SWIG Gift Sets to sell - not for money, but for skills.

It's your chance to ease up the Xmas spending, spend more on whisky, and have a bit of fun.

1. Email me at and tell me what you'd like offer.... 

  • It can be: Skills/Items/Advice/Services
  • It can't be: Custody offers of family members.  

2. I'll pick my 3 favourite offers (over a nice SWIG of Jawbox Gin). 

3. We'll seal the deal by Wednesday 23rd November and you get any gift set of your choice in return.


SWIG SWAP 2015...

I made THIS video last year. It was an awesome response. I got over 30 offers (see some below)...It was a difficult choice, but I was only able to take up 3.


SWIG SWAP 2 lemon drizzle

My favourite was a Hand Knitted 'Aran' Jumper from Joanna. She made it so I could wear it on my next whisky expedition to Scotland. It is awesome.

SWIG SWAP Hand Knitted Jumper

I also chose some video work for my Youtube channel, and a piece of bespoke woodturning from a young craftsman. I've also swapped SWIG's in the past for bottles of excellent gin, one guy took us to Buckingham Palace, and one lovely gal even cooked me a birthday cake!

So Good Luck. Just send your trade through to

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My evening at the Echlinville Distillery

A couple of weeks ago Nicole and I picked up our favourite SWIG flasks and visited Northern Irelands first licenced distillery in over 125 years - distilling its first spirit in 2013.

SWIG goes to Echlinville

Echlinville Distillery is based down the Ards Peninsula in a wee village called Rubane, and were celebrating the launch of their new ShortCross Gin.

Distillery Tour

We were among some of the first to be shown where the spirits are produced, and heard the story of how Echlinville distillery was born from Managing Director, Shane Braniff. Absolute legend. It looks like he's renovating a local hotel so people can visit and stay. Looks awesome.

I was really pleased to be beside a fella' called Gerry White. He is one of Shane's business partner and the brains behind the 'Jawbox' Gin brand. I actually love their branding (and appreciate the design work of the guys at Drinksology in Belfast too). They plied us with the stuff on the night and I've since bought bottles. Shame I can't buy them from Amazon though! 

Our table at Distillery Tour

I have to say, the supper was awesome. Anytime I'm fed duck, I'm a happy man. Everything was infused with one of the gins produced there. Nicole was driving so I of course ended up doubling down on everything. I really wish I had of stored them in my SWIG instead. It all went down waay to quickly on the night!

If you get the chance to visit, definitely call by and take a look. Don't worry if you aren't a gin lover, their "Feckin" whisky is also a great shout.

David (#00000)

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SWIG Hip Flasks travel to Rio Olympics

"My name is Zoe De Toledo, and I am the coxswain of the Great Britain women's eight crew, heading to this summer's Rio Olympic Games".

And so 11 SWIG Union Jack Flasks accompanied Zoe, her crew, coaches to the Rio Olympic games 2016. The hip flasks must've brought them luck, with the team securing Silver on 13th August (Day 8).

SWIG Flasks Rio Olympics

A massive congrats to Zoe and the crew, I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching the race - they were so close to gold :O

Have you guys been watching the Olympics? Anyone taken their SWIG hip flask along? 



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The SWIG Hip Flask Stories: Cruise - The Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle

I was reading through my emails early last week, and stumbled upon a customer looking to collect a SWIG Hip Flask in person... Now I have just moved the fulfilment of SWIG Hip Flasks to Belfast (currently surrounded by boxes right up to my ears as we speak) and was thinking how on earth will I get this SWIG Hip Flask to it's rightful owner.

Well we got a talking and I offered the "David Special Delivery Service" (Whereby I deliver it to you in person... can't say fairer than that right?!) 

SWIG Flasks Hand Delivery

Turns out he is looking a SWIG hip flask to accompany him on his next the word "cruise" jumped out at me a mile off! 1) where is SWIG going to sail to 2) what amazing pictures are going to arrive in my inbox 3) maybe I should sort myself out a cruise!

Luckily for me, my future SWIG Society member sent me some cruise info (written by himself!) and a brochure... along with some cool photos shown below...

        SWIG Flasks Cruises      SWIG Flasks Husky      SWIG Flasks sunset

I'm off to price up some cruises... and of course pack my SWIG Hip Flask.



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SWIG® Hip Flasks talks ...Wedding Gifts & Personalisation

Wedding Gifts

Everyone loves a good wedding right?! Now SWIG has had the pleasure to be a part of many weddings over the past couple of years. But the same questions (and banter) come up every time, so I thought it was about time I shared the wisdom of brides and grooms of the past with those of the future…


1) Can I get an engraved wedding hip flask?

Yes… yes… yes… and usually this is followed by “AHHH but there’s a limit of characters right?” I love this question, because the answer is no! You can have as much or as little on the hip flask as you want, BUT I would add sometimes less is more. The hip flask engraving doesn’t add any time to the order.


2) What will I engrave?

Our traditional engraved SWIG Hip Flask layout is shown below:

Matt – Best Man
“Thank you for being part of our Special Day”


Yes we get the untraditional hip flask too… but we’ll leave that one up to your imagination :D


3) Is there a discount if I buy multiple?

The Wedding Hip Flask Gift Sets can be found here… but if you catch me on a good day you never know (you don’t ask you don’t get).


4) Can I have it next week?

Unless you want 5000, and delivered to Australia the answer is usually yes! Email me/text/phone/chat on the website and we’ll do our very best to get it to you on time. (I won’t tell if you won’t!). We can offer urgent, next day delivery. But do get in touch so we can identify it when you order.


5) What should I put in it?

Now this is usually our amazing SWIG Society telling me what they have in theirs, and I hasten out to buy and test for myself. But I always say, single malt Whisky is best served from a SWIG Hip Flask (but my future wife would disagree and say Vodka every time… so I guess pick their favourite beverage and you can’t go far wrong!)


6) How do I give them out on the day?

Tradition dictates that you give a token of your appreciation to your wedding party, why not fill up a couple of SWIG hip flasks for your best man and ushers to share pre wedding. Or if you’re a bride despairing right now about what to get your future husband, believe me when he opens his SWIG hip flask in the morning he will be running down the aisle to greet you.


7) Can I have one? (Usually post wedding)

And so the big day is over (sigh of relief and happiness) and you’re about to set off on honeymoon… you think back on the day and remember how pumped the wedding party is with their SWIG hip flask. Now… we wouldn’t suggest anyone has regret on his or her wedding day, but we do get some that admit to one… WHY DIDN’T I ORDER ONE FOR MYSELF!!!! Don’t worry… we’ve got your back, drop us and email and we’ll get you sorted SWIG style.


8) How do I register with the SWIG Society?

Easy! Have you got your SWIG? (check) Have you got a device connected to the internet? (check) Awesome – click here and get signed up.


9) I got one as a gift, are there any accessories?

Yup there are indeed; pouches, funnels, and handwritten notes. Guaranteed to keep you and your SWIG hip flask in style all year round.


A final note: I love to see SWIG Weddings so if you haven’t already shared your favourite picture of the day do send them in to: Cheers!

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SWIG Society’s Got Your Back! (Hip Flask ‘Lost n Found’ Benefit)

Lost n Found...

I’d like to say it was a cold and rainy day, with a storm brewing… just to set the scene of any good story. But on this rare occasion it was in fact sunny (spoiler alert; like the ending) when this email came through.


Dear David,

On my regular run this morning I found SWIG hip flask numbered 01234.  This was on the South Cornwall coast path between Lizard Point and Lizard Light House.  Do you think you could help to reunite it with its owner?

Sarah L.  (Telephone 01234 XXX XXX)


And so the search began! Who was this poor mysterious soul who has lost his/her SWIG hip flask and how on earth was I going to get it back to them? But then I realized they had registered with our SWIG Society, and low and behold I had a contact number…


“Hey Dean… you registered your SWIG with us in January last year! Well… We’ve had the SWIG hip flask handed in from someone who found it in South Cornwall! Was this yours or one you gifted? Cheers! David of SWIG”


Not 2 hours later… we had an address for the lost SWIG Hip Flask…


“Hi David. Oh wow! Yes, was a present for my wife who lost it yesterday, so you and whoever handed it in are absolute superstars! How can we get it back? (We’re returning home tomorrow). Dean”


And so they were reunited once more with the help of an awesome jogging hip flask fairy.


Hey Sarah
See attached screen shot! They are absolutely delighted to have it handed in... we will arrange a courier pick up or if you want to go down to the post office we can refund you the cash - whatever suits you better :)
Cheers again!


And so we have our happy ever after, or should I say SWIG ever after. Register here now to join our SWIG Hip Flask Society to enjoy even more perks. SWIG out.

-David of SWIG® Hip Flasks (#00000)


Please note: names/locations have been changed to protect identities
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SWIG Hip Flask Engravings... The Best, Questionable & Outrageous!

Now… here at SWIG HQ, I get emails on a regular basis asking for inspiration for personalised hip flask engraving. So I thought it would be a good shout to give you the low down on my best, questionable and downright outrageous hip flask engravings.

The Birthdays…

The advice I usually give is: Name, occasion (i.e. 18th) and a quote… but sometimes its best for you to take on the challenge yourselves as you can see from some of these cracking ones below!


"Happy 18th John, love you always dude,


"Happy 30th John! For emergencies ..."


"Happy 30th Birthday John
"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"


"Happy 50th John - sip, sip, hooray!"


"To our pal J.J, on turning half a ton
You once lost a final with a hole in one!!
We won’t let you forget it, now you’re getting old
You will think of us with every sip when you’re feeling cold
Lots of Love John & Jane xxx"


Wedding SWIG…

Lots of couples come to me to buy hip flasks for the wedding party, and believe me what happens on the stag doesn’t always stay on the stag but rather engraved on the SWIG flask forever! Luckily a wee pouch can cover that quote up, but not that tattoo on the behind, so I thought I would share some of the more traditional ones below…


"John - To the Big brother I never had.
Thanks for sharing and witnessing my best and worst moments!
Joe 01/01/16"


"To my husband to be on our wedding day
Dinnae fash yersel...
Love you always,
Jane x"


"Carlsberg don't do Best Men, But if they did....
John - Best Man
2nd January 2015"



It takes quite a bit to bring a tear to the eye at HQ, but there were a few blubbering grown men over these ones.


Are you going to kiss me or not


<<On Front>>
"If you're reading this right now then there is no telling what you've survived up to this point in your life. You've experienced trauma, love, loss, heartbreak, devastation, pain, misery, and suffering. But despite all of that, you have had the strength and fortitude to keep going. And here you are, still standing. Guess what, motherfucker. You're awesome. Don't ever forget it.
We stand alone together."


<<On Back>>
"Never above you never below you always beside you"


"John You believed in me when no one else did. Thank you. Jane x"


"For my lion..
because, rawr.
forever and always xXx"


"Shaken not stirred" For my real life James Bond 28.7.15"


Finally, the 'You said what' category…

(yup even I can’t come up with some of these!)


"Whisky is Risky but it makes the girls Frisky"
"The 3 Twats in 'Ats! John & Joe 15th August 2015"


"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on - Dean Martin"

"May the frost never afflict your spuds.
May your cabbage always be free from worms.
May the crow never pick your haystack,
and may your donkey always been in foal."


Think you’ve received one that’s even better than these? Share with me and if I'm suitably impressed I'll send you my favourite medicine to put in your flask. SWIG out.

Note: some names/places/dates have been changed to protect identities!!

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