SWIG Hip Flask Society Stories: Sinking Feeling

SWIG Hip Flasks society moments and adventures

Sinking Feeling...

I like to think of myself as someone who would run to a damsel in distress’ cry for help…but I never thought a SWIG would rush to the aid of one of my SWIG society members (well not in this situation!) 


“I just have to tell you about how our swig hip flask saved us.

Over the past few days we've had problems with an airlock in our water system, which resulted in not having any hot water. Our plumber suggested that we go and get a tap to block our kitchen tap so we could push the airlock back to our water tank in our loft.

Before we did this we were looking for things around the house we could use to block our tap and guess what?

We tried your hip flask. 

It fitted perfectly and we turned on the tap and the pressure pushed the air back to our loft!!! Of course the hip flask was empty at the time lol!

Your hip flask saved us!!!!”


What can I say #02974 I’m so pleased SWIG hip flask could help you out, although I do hope the next time its filled with something better than water!



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