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SWIG Stories - SWIG Hip Flask goes to Canada

I was just finishing up for the day when this wee email pinged into my inbox, the name looked familiar and as soon as I opened it, the story came flooding back.

Robbie had bought his mum an Orange Executive SWIG Hip Flask (#07615) and told me when ordering how she was off on a trip to Canada. 

SWIG goes to Canada

SWIG goes to CanadaSWIG goes to Canada

Of course, I challenged her to bring her SWIG hip flask on the plane (yes it's possible to bring it through security... as long as its not full *sigh*). So I couldn't wait to see the pictures attached...

SWIG goes to Canada      SWIG goes to CanadaSWIG goes to Canada

It's fair to say I was hooked on seeing where she ventured next - I needed to see more, and of course Robbie obliged (check out some of my favourites below).

SWIG goes to Canada
SWIG goes to CanadaSWIG goes to Canada

Have you and your SWIG Hip Flask been somewhere awesome? Care to share? Email me at:



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SWIG Stories - SWIG Hip Flask goes Camping

The SWIG Society is bowling me over with the amount of pictures I'm getting these days, and the places SWIG hip flasks are getting to see are just insane.

Although sometimes the pictures closer to home are the best ones, check out #02723 and #02724 (both of which have been filled with some awesome Sloe Gin) 

Brockenhirst camping

(Pictured @ Gorran Haven)

I have to say camping is one of the best occasions to bring a SWIG, and this Executive Blue looks right at home.

Brockenhirst camping_2

(Pictured at Brockenhurst)

Curious as to who is behind the numbers? Check out this blast from the past  - celebrating new years in style! Cheers guys.

Got a SWIG Society story to share? I'd love to hear about them, drop me an email;




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SWIG Stories - Siberian Arctic... my best SWIG hip flask moment

Hey SWIG reader...

I recently sent out a newsletter to my SWIG hip flask Society members asking their Best SWIG hip flask moment... and of course they rose to the challenge!

Here is just one of my favourites...









Want to read more about Josh's adventures? 

Have you got a great SWIG hip flask moment? Why don't you share it with me: 

Until next time, cheers!


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SWIG Stories - An Interview... my best SWIG hip flask moment

Hey SWIG reader! 

I recently sent out my monthly SWIG newsletter to my society members asking for their Best SWIG hip flask moment... and of course they rose to the challenge!

Here is just one of my favourites...

Have you got a great SWIG hip flask moment? Why don't you share it with  me: 

Until next time, cheers!


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The SWIG Hip Flask Cruise - The Arctic Circle

I was reading through my emails early last week, and stumbled upon a customer looking to collect a SWIG Hip Flask in person... Now I have just moved the fulfilment of SWIG Hip Flasks to Belfast (currently surrounded by boxes right up to my ears as we speak) and was thinking how on earth will I get this SWIG Hip Flask to it's rightful owner.

Well we got a talking and I offered the "David Special Delivery Service" (Whereby I deliver it to you in person... can't say fairer than that right?!) 


Turns out he is looking a SWIG hip flask to accompany him on his next the word "cruise" jumped out at me a mile off! 1) where is SWIG going to sail to 2) what amazing pictures are going to arrive in my inbox 3) maybe I should sort myself out a cruise!

Luckily for me, my future SWIG Society member sent me some cruise info (written by himself!) and a brochure... along with some cool photos shown below...


I'm off to price up some cruises... and of course pack my SWIG Hip Flask.



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SWIG® Hip Flask Custom Tartan & Harris Tweed Pouches

I love how creative my SWIG Hip Flask customers are, and you guys just keep surprising me.

I’ve had a couple of messages recently asking about custom tartans and tweeds for their SWIG Hip Flasks (I can only assume to make sure they are super cool and of course a little toasty on a cold day!)

Everything from wondering what to do with a little left over Kilt material....

To daring to believe its even possible

One of my favourites so far was getting this follow up picture through on Facebook…

So... if you’re in doubt to take the plunge into super duper tartan/tweed customisation, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

The best thing...? No extra charge! Just give me a shout beforehand.

Cheers, David #00000

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SWIG Hip Flask Society Stories - Sinking Feeling

I like to think of myself as someone who would run to a damsel in distress’ cry for help…but I never thought a SWIG would rush to the aid of one of my SWIG society members (well not in this situation!) 


“I just have to tell you about how our swig hip flask saved us.

Over the past few days we've had problems with an airlock in our water system, which resulted in not having any hot water. Our plumber suggested that we go and get a tap to block our kitchen tap so we could push the airlock back to our water tank in our loft.

Before we did this we were looking for things around the house we could use to block our tap and guess what?

We tried your hip flask. 

It fitted perfectly and we turned on the tap and the pressure pushed the air back to our loft!!! Of course the hip flask was empty at the time lol!

Your hip flask saved us!!!!”


What can I say #02974 I’m so pleased SWIG hip flask could help you out, although I do hope the next time its filled with something better than water!



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SWIG® Wedding Hip Flasks

Everyone loves a good wedding right?! Now SWIG has had the pleasure to be a part of many weddings over the past couple of years. But the same questions (and banter) come up every time, so I thought it was about time I shared the wisdom of brides and grooms of the past with those of the future…


1) Can I get an engraved wedding hip flask?

Yes… yes… yes… and usually this is followed by “AHHH but there’s a limit of characters right?” I love this question, because the answer is no! You can have as much or as little on the hip flask as you want, BUT I would add sometimes less is more. The hip flask engraving doesn’t add any time to the order.


2) What will I engrave?

Our traditional engraved SWIG Hip Flask layout is shown below:

Matt – Best Man
“Thank you for being part of our Special Day”


Yes we get the untraditional hip flask too… but we’ll leave that one up to your imagination :D


3) Is there a discount if I buy multiple?

The Wedding Hip Flask Gift Sets can be found here… but if you catch me on a good day you never know (you don’t ask you don’t get).


4) Can I have it next week?

Unless you want 5000, and delivered to Australia the answer is usually yes! Email me/text/phone/chat on the website and we’ll do our very best to get it to you on time. (I won’t tell if you won’t!). We can offer urgent, next day delivery. But do get in touch so we can identify it when you order.


5) What should I put in it?

Now this is usually our amazing SWIG Society telling me what they have in theirs, and I hasten out to buy and test for myself. But I always say, single malt Whisky is best served from a SWIG Hip Flask (but my future wife would disagree and say Vodka every time… so I guess pick their favourite beverage and you can’t go far wrong!)


6) How do I give them out on the day?

Tradition dictates that you give a token of your appreciation to your wedding party, why not fill up a couple of SWIG hip flasks for your best man and ushers to share pre wedding. Or if you’re a bride despairing right now about what to get your future husband, believe me when he opens his SWIG hip flask in the morning he will be running down the aisle to greet you.


7) Can I have one? (Usually post wedding)

And so the big day is over (sigh of relief and happiness) and you’re about to set off on honeymoon… you think back on the day and remember how pumped the wedding party is with their SWIG hip flask. Now… we wouldn’t suggest anyone has regret on his or her wedding day, but we do get some that admit to one… WHY DIDN’T I ORDER ONE FOR MYSELF!!!! Don’t worry… we’ve got your back, drop us and email and we’ll get you sorted SWIG style.


8) How do I register with the SWIG Society?

Easy! Have you got your SWIG? (check) Have you got a device connected to the internet? (check) Awesome – click here and get signed up.


9) I got one as a gift, are there any accessories?

Yup there are indeed; pouches, funnels, and handwritten notes. Guaranteed to keep you and your SWIG hip flask in style all year round.


A final note: I love to see SWIG Weddings so if you haven’t already shared your favourite picture of the day do send them in to: Cheers!

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SWIG Society’s Got Your Back! (Hip Flask ‘Lost and Found’ Benefit)

I’d like to say it was a cold and rainy day, with a storm brewing… just to set the scene of any good story. But on this rare occasion it was in fact sunny (spoiler alert; like the ending) when this email came through.


Dear David,

On my regular run this morning I found SWIG hip flask numbered 01234.  This was on the South Cornwall coast path between Lizard Point and Lizard Light House.  Do you think you could help to reunite it with its owner?

Sarah L.  (Telephone 01234 XXX XXX)


And so the search began! Who was this poor mysterious soul who has lost his/her SWIG hip flask and how on earth was I going to get it back to them? But then I realized they had registered with our SWIG Society, and low and behold I had a contact number…


“Hey Dean… you registered your SWIG with us in January last year! Well… We’ve had the SWIG hip flask handed in from someone who found it in South Cornwall! Was this yours or one you gifted? Cheers! David of SWIG”


Not 2 hours later… we had an address for the lost SWIG Hip Flask…


“Hi David. Oh wow! Yes, was a present for my wife who lost it yesterday, so you and whoever handed it in are absolute superstars! How can we get it back? (We’re returning home tomorrow). Dean”


And so they were reunited once more with the help of an awesome jogging hip flask fairy.


Hey Sarah
See attached screen shot! They are absolutely delighted to have it handed in... we will arrange a courier pick up or if you want to go down to the post office we can refund you the cash - whatever suits you better :)
Cheers again!


And so we have our happy ever after, or should I say SWIG ever after. Register here now to join our SWIG Hip Flask Society to enjoy even more perks. SWIG out.

-David of SWIG® Hip Flasks (#00000)


Please note: names/locations have been changed to protect identities
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