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Harris Tweed SWIG Flask Firefighter Twins

Happy New Year Guys!
I have a heart warming story to share this morning, one I had to keep under my hat for a wee while until the gift was distributed. But settle in, this one will have you tingling more than a Bushmills Whisky.
Not long before Christmas I was contacted by a customer from the USA who ordered a Harris Tweed Black Hip Flask for his Firefighter buddy. 
"I would like to purchase a Swig Harris Tweed Black Flask for a buddy of mine who is retiring as a fire fighter here in the states. And then I got your email about the US give away. ( I was 18 by the way) and it got me thinking. I want to keep the karma going. So I want to buy my friend a flask and I want to buy one for you to give away to a fire fighter in the UK. keep the numbers one apart if possible. What do you think?"
What a legend eh? So the search began, and nominations were from all across the UK, but I finally settled on Stevie, who was nominated by Andrew McBay.

"I would like to nominate Firefighter Stevie Hawkwood for the flask as he has recently passed his fire training for Kent Fire & Rescue Service and is also an Afghanistan veteran".

The Harris Tweed SWIG Hip Flask has since zoomed its way to Stevie in the UK and his partner in crime David in the USA. It's so awesome to think the SWIG Society is growing worldwide, but even better knowing they're bringing wee anecdotes like this back to brighten my day.

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SWIG Hip Flasks presents: SWIG Swap 2016

Like the look of my SWIGs? Think you'd love to get one as a prezzie for someone? Eyeing your bank balance nervously? Hiding from your bank balance in abject terror?

So, for one week only, until Wednesday 23rd November, I have three SWIG Gift Sets to sell - not for money, but for skills.

It's your chance to ease up the Xmas spending, spend more on whisky, and have a bit of fun.

1. Email me at and tell me what you'd like offer.... 

  • It can be: Skills/Items/Advice/Services
  • It can't be: Custody offers of family members.  

2. I'll pick my 3 favourite offers (over a nice SWIG of Jawbox Gin). 

3. We'll seal the deal by Wednesday 23rd November and you get any gift set of your choice in return.


SWIG SWAP 2015...

I made THIS video last year. It was an awesome response. I got over 30 offers (see some below)...It was a difficult choice, but I was only able to take up 3.


SWIG SWAP 2 lemon drizzle

My favourite was a Hand Knitted 'Aran' Jumper from Joanna. She made it so I could wear it on my next whisky expedition to Scotland. It is awesome.

SWIG SWAP Hand Knitted Jumper

I also chose some video work for my Youtube channel, and a piece of bespoke woodturning from a young craftsman. I've also swapped SWIG's in the past for bottles of excellent gin, one guy took us to Buckingham Palace, and one lovely gal even cooked me a birthday cake!

So Good Luck. Just send your trade through to

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SWIG Hip Flasks travel to Rio Olympics

"My name is Zoe De Toledo, and I am the coxswain of the Great Britain women's eight crew, heading to this summer's Rio Olympic Games".

And so 11 SWIG Union Jack Flasks accompanied Zoe, her crew, coaches to the Rio Olympic games 2016. The hip flasks must've brought them luck, with the team securing Silver on 13th August (Day 8).

SWIG Flasks Rio Olympics

A massive congrats to Zoe and the crew, I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching the race - they were so close to gold :O

Have you guys been watching the Olympics? Anyone taken their SWIG hip flask along? 



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SWIG Stories - SWIG Hip Flask goes to Canada

I was just finishing up for the day when this wee email pinged into my inbox, the name looked familiar and as soon as I opened it, the story came flooding back.

Robbie had bought his mum an Orange Executive SWIG Hip Flask (#07615) and told me when ordering how she was off on a trip to Canada. 

SWIG goes to Canada

SWIG goes to CanadaSWIG goes to Canada

Of course, I challenged her to bring her SWIG hip flask on the plane (yes it's possible to bring it through security... as long as its not full *sigh*). So I couldn't wait to see the pictures attached...

SWIG goes to Canada      SWIG goes to CanadaSWIG goes to Canada

It's fair to say I was hooked on seeing where she ventured next - I needed to see more, and of course Robbie obliged (check out some of my favourites below).

SWIG goes to Canada
SWIG goes to CanadaSWIG goes to Canada

Have you and your SWIG Hip Flask been somewhere awesome? Care to share? Email me at:



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SWIG Hip Flask Stories - SWIG Flask goes Camping

SWIG goes Camping

The SWIG Society is bowling me over with the amount of pictures I'm getting these days, and the places SWIG hip flasks are getting to see are just insane.

Although sometimes the pictures closer to home are the best ones, check out #02723 and #02724 (both of which have been filled with some awesome Sloe Gin) 

Brockenhirst camping

(Pictured @ Gorran Haven)

I have to say camping is one of the best occasions to bring a SWIG, and this Executive Blue looks right at home.

Brockenhirst camping_2

(Pictured at Brockenhurst)

Curious as to who is behind the numbers? Check out this blast from the past  - celebrating new years in style! Cheers guys.

SWIG Society Members

Got a SWIG Society story to share? I'd love to hear about them, drop me an email;




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SWIG Stories - Siberian Arctic... my best SWIG hip flask moment

Hey SWIG reader...

I recently sent out a newsletter to my SWIG hip flask Society members asking their Best SWIG hip flask moment... and of course they rose to the challenge!

Here is just one of my favourites...

SWIG 03802

SWIG Flasks in the Snow SWIG In the Siberian Arctic 








Want to read more about Josh's adventures? 

Have you got a great SWIG hip flask moment? Why don't you share it with me: 

Until next time, cheers!


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SWIG Hip Flask Stories - An Interview... my best SWIG moment

Hey SWIG reader! 

I recently sent out my monthly SWIG newsletter to my society members asking for their Best SWIG hip flask moment... and of course they rose to the challenge!

Here is just one of my favourites...

SWIG Interview Best Moments

Have you got a great SWIG hip flask moment? Why don't you share it with  me: 

Until next time, cheers!


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The SWIG Hip Flask Stories: Cruise - The Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle

I was reading through my emails early last week, and stumbled upon a customer looking to collect a SWIG Hip Flask in person... Now I have just moved the fulfilment of SWIG Hip Flasks to Belfast (currently surrounded by boxes right up to my ears as we speak) and was thinking how on earth will I get this SWIG Hip Flask to it's rightful owner.

Well we got a talking and I offered the "David Special Delivery Service" (Whereby I deliver it to you in person... can't say fairer than that right?!) 

SWIG Flasks Hand Delivery

Turns out he is looking a SWIG hip flask to accompany him on his next the word "cruise" jumped out at me a mile off! 1) where is SWIG going to sail to 2) what amazing pictures are going to arrive in my inbox 3) maybe I should sort myself out a cruise!

Luckily for me, my future SWIG Society member sent me some cruise info (written by himself!) and a brochure... along with some cool photos shown below...

        SWIG Flasks Cruises      SWIG Flasks Husky      SWIG Flasks sunset

I'm off to price up some cruises... and of course pack my SWIG Hip Flask.



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SWIG® Hip Flask Custom Made Tartan & Harris Tweed Pouches

Custom made Tartan

I love how creative my SWIG Hip Flask customers are, and you guys just keep surprising me.

I’ve had a couple of messages recently asking about custom tartans and tweeds for their SWIG Hip Flasks (I can only assume to make sure they are super cool and of course a little toasty on a cold day!)

Everything from wondering what to do with a little left over Kilt material....

Custom Tweed Live Chat

To daring to believe its even possible

Custom Tartan live Chat

SWIG Flasks custom tartan request

One of my favourites so far was getting this follow up picture through on Facebook…

SWIG Hip Flasks Custom Tartan

So... if you’re in doubt to take the plunge into super duper tartan/tweed customisation, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

The best thing...? No extra charge! Just give me a shout beforehand.

Cheers, David #00000

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SWIG Hip Flask Society Stories: Sinking Feeling

Sinking Feeling...

I like to think of myself as someone who would run to a damsel in distress’ cry for help…but I never thought a SWIG would rush to the aid of one of my SWIG society members (well not in this situation!) 


“I just have to tell you about how our swig hip flask saved us.

Over the past few days we've had problems with an airlock in our water system, which resulted in not having any hot water. Our plumber suggested that we go and get a tap to block our kitchen tap so we could push the airlock back to our water tank in our loft.

Before we did this we were looking for things around the house we could use to block our tap and guess what?

We tried your hip flask. 

It fitted perfectly and we turned on the tap and the pressure pushed the air back to our loft!!! Of course the hip flask was empty at the time lol!

Your hip flask saved us!!!!”


What can I say #02974 I’m so pleased SWIG hip flask could help you out, although I do hope the next time its filled with something better than water!



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