SWIG Artist Collaboration Programme

Sup guys, long time no speak! 

You might have seen stirrings of this wee one on Instagram, if not have a check back and see if you can spot what has been going on behind the scenes...

Early SWIG-ers might recall our first artist collaboration back in 2014, where some talented people were scouted to hand draw epic designs onto a SWIG Flask pouch. Pretty cool right? You can see some below :D

limited edition swig pouches 2014

*Official Announcement: Well due to popular demand I have decided to launch a new collaboration programme in 2018*

There are already artists from 10 countries signed up, and only 25 spaces left. I actually can't wait to see what designs they come up with; there are some amazingly talented people of all ages and styles (and I've given them a complete free reign :O) so this is going to be legit.

If you can recommend someone hit me up here I'm always open to new names and ideas, especially from the SWIG Society.