Harris Tweed SWIG Flask Firefighter Twins

Happy New Year Guys!
I have a heart warming story to share this morning, one I had to keep under my hat for a wee while until the gift was distributed. But settle in, this one will have you tingling more than a Bushmills Whisky.
Not long before Christmas I was contacted by a customer from the USA who ordered a Harris Tweed Black Hip Flask for his Firefighter buddy. 
"I would like to purchase a Swig Harris Tweed Black Flask for a buddy of mine who is retiring as a fire fighter here in the states. And then I got your email about the US give away. ( I was 18 by the way) and it got me thinking. I want to keep the karma going. So I want to buy my friend a flask and I want to buy one for you to give away to a fire fighter in the UK. keep the numbers one apart if possible. What do you think?"
What a legend eh? So the search began, and nominations were from all across the UK, but I finally settled on Stevie, who was nominated by Andrew McBay.

"I would like to nominate Firefighter Stevie Hawkwood for the flask as he has recently passed his fire training for Kent Fire & Rescue Service and is also an Afghanistan veteran".

The Harris Tweed SWIG Hip Flask has since zoomed its way to Stevie in the UK and his partner in crime David in the USA. It's so awesome to think the SWIG Society is growing worldwide, but even better knowing they're bringing wee anecdotes like this back to brighten my day.

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