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The SWIG Hip Flask Cruise - The Arctic Circle

I was reading through my emails early last week, and stumbled upon a customer looking to collect a SWIG Hip Flask in person... Now I have just moved the fulfilment of SWIG Hip Flasks to Belfast (currently surrounded by boxes right up to my ears as we speak) and was thinking how on earth will I get this SWIG Hip Flask to it's rightful owner.

Well we got a talking and I offered the "David Special Delivery Service" (Whereby I deliver it to you in person... can't say fairer than that right?!) 


Turns out he is looking a SWIG hip flask to accompany him on his next the word "cruise" jumped out at me a mile off! 1) where is SWIG going to sail to 2) what amazing pictures are going to arrive in my inbox 3) maybe I should sort myself out a cruise!

Luckily for me, my future SWIG Society member sent me some cruise info (written by himself!) and a brochure... along with some cool photos shown below...


I'm off to price up some cruises... and of course pack my SWIG Hip Flask.



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SWIG® Hip Flask Shipping Saves the Day

Right, so I get at least half a dozen emails a week asking for “a big favour”.. usually asking for lightning fast, next morning shipping. When that happens... your average business will get that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach.

How do I get out of this?
What do they want from me?
Is there an easy way to let them down?

...I KNOW I’ll sell up, move country and change my name.

But here at SWIG® Hip Flasks, I am so damn HAPPY to hear I can go the extra mile… I’ll give you a few examples on how we've saved the day at SWIG® (with a little help from our shipping partners).

  • My Wedding is next week, and my future wife had given me the task of sorting out the groomsmen presents… and of course I’ve left it to the last minute to get my hands on your SWIG® hip flasks and I am begging you to tell me.... you can help me fix this?

  • I live in the USA and my dad’s birthday is in 2 weeks time, I’m sure its too late to ship a SWIG® hip flask here for then but whens the soonest you can get it to me?

  • I live in Canada but my best friend has immigrated to Singapore, how much will shipping set me back? How fast can you get it to them? They won’t see the invoice right?

  • I ordered last week… for a SWIG® hip flask that needs to be here on Friday (its now Tuesday) please please tell me its going to be here?

Spoiler: All these examples had a happy ending, (now don’t get me wrong sometimes there’s that one ask that’s unobtainable… I’d happily swim from Belfast to USA if I could get it to you tomorrow) BUT 99.9% of the time we can ship your SWIG® to you just in time for your special occasion. 

Still more questions on shipping? Check out our Shipping FAQ page or get in touch with me via email/text/phone and I’ll get your SWIG® hip flask hurtling to you faster than the speed of light.


David (#00000)

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