"SWIG Hip Flask and The Kats Paws"

You may think a hip flask is a strange thing for a girl to be blogging about, but I am a girly girl who loves going to watch her beloved football team Manchester United. Now unfortunately the football season doesn’t run through summer, it runs through winter and therefore it can get cold on those terraces. And I mean COLD. I have often taken a hip flask filled with some whisky during the winter months to warm up my tummy and it works a treat.
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"Swig Hip Flasks" Review by The Coolector

Let’s face it, a hip flask is an accessory that all men should own. This doesn’t mean to say that you’ll be using it every day but it is definitely the sort of essential that all men should have in their booze imbibing armoury and, to that end, it won’t be difficult to see why we’ve fallen for the not inconsiderable charms of the awesome looking SWIG Hip Flasks.
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"Unexpected Fashion Accessory: SWIG Hip Flask"

Some days, I begin to daydream and wish that I was back in NYC, casually encountering Marc Jacobs at a 5th Ave Starbucks.  Or living on the West Coast, strolling through LA in oversized sunnies and some hot kicks.  But when it comes to reality, I’m so glad I’ve spent the last 11 years in Central Virginia – because I Love Charlottesville A Lot!
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